Office Catering - Buffet Style


Mon - Fri between 11am - 2pm pick up ONLY
Any other times delivery to be arranged on an individual arrangement


We require a minimum of 48 hours


Crisp long rolls
Bratwurst (pork sausages with marjoram)
Kranzky (pork sausage with bacon)
Vegetarian alternative

Dijon mustard
Hot mustard
BBQ sauce
Tomato Sauce


$16.50 per person


Brezels Salt pretzels up to 25 ea. $3.00
Salt pretzels 25 or more ea. $2.50
$3.00 pp Salami & Cheese Platers
(with rye sour dough bread)
$6.00 pp Chicken Schnitzel
(juicy & tender with lemon wedges)
$7.50 pp Sauerbraten
(slow cooked German Beef Roast marinated in red wine herbs & spices)
$7.50 pp Pork Roast
(slow roasted pork neck with gravy)
$7.50 pp  Beef Goulsch
(slow braised beef with rich paprika gravy)
$19.00 per serve Pork Knuckle
(slow roasted with crackling and gravy)
$3.50 pp Bratkartoffel
(sautéed potatoes with caramelised onions)
$3.50 pp Spatzle
(home-made egg noodles)
$14.50 per 750 ml Fleischsalat - Devon Salad
(meat loaf slices marinated in oil and vinegar dressing plus  gherkins and onions)
$9.90 per 750 ml German Potato Salad
(marinated in oil & vinegar dressing + veggie stock)
$9.90 per 750 ml Cucumber Salad
(dressed with sour cream & herb dressing)
$7.50 per 750 ml Tomato Salad
(marinated with red wine vinegar & olive oil & diced onion)
$7.50 per 750 ml Cabbage Salad
(marinated with white wine vinegar & veggie oil and caraway seeds)
$4.00 p serve Homemade Apple Strudel with vanilla custard
$4.00 p serve Homemade Linzer Torte (Hazelnut & cranberry cake)


Please call us on 0451 159 455 and ask for Willi



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